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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did PoliceOne Academy and lexipol merge?

DALLAS, TX – PoliceOne Academy and Lexipol, leaders in the law enforcement market, today announced the merger of the two companies to offer a single, comprehensive platform addressing critical education, training and policy needs for law enforcement.

What is PoliceOne Academy?

PoliceOne Academy offers a tailored learning management system for police departments and sheriffs' offices that reduces training costs and leverages technology to advance learning. Support the training needs of your organization with:

How can lexlexipol help law enforcement and community members?

Lexipol invites law enforcement and community members to visit our Use of Force microsite to access resources and information in the discussion around police use of force.

Where is lexipol located?

With principal offices in Dallas, Texas, and Irvine, California, Lexipol offers policy management solutions to more than 3,500 agencies in 35 states. For additional information, visit

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