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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ponderosa pine mean?

ponderosa pine. noun. pon·​der·​o·​sa pine | \ˌpän-də-ˈrō-sə-, -zə-\. : a tall pine (Pinus ponderosa) of western North America with long needles usually in groups of two or three also : its strong reddish straight-grained wood.

How fast do ponderosa pines grow?

The Ponderosa Pine grows 60 to 100 feet tall. A medium to fast growing tree, averaging heights of 75 feet in 40 to 50 years.

Where does ponderosa pine grow?

Noteworthy Characteristics. Pinus ponderosa, commonly called Ponderosa pine, is the dominant pine tree of the western U.S. It usually grows best at elevations of 4000-8500 feet. It is native primarily to mountain areas from British Columbia to Mexico east to North Dakota, Nebraska and Texas. It is the State Tree of Montana.

Are ponderosa pine needles edible?

Not all pine varieties are edible, however; the ponderosa pine and several others varieties of pine trees can cause illness and death in cattle and other animals.One evergreen conifer, the yew, contains a toxic substance that is potentially fatal if ingested by humans.

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