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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my pine tree dying from the bottom up?

If you have a pine tree with dead lower branches, it may look like a pine tree drying from bottom up. Occasionally, this may be normal aging, but you have to consider other possibilities too. Not enough light – Pines need sunshine to flourish, and branches that don’t get sun exposure can die.

Why are pine trees dying?

A large amount of fallen bark is an ominous sign that the pine tree is dying. If fallen bark coincides with brown needles and no new growth, either the pine tree is dying, or it is already dead. Inspect the area underneath the bark for signs of beetle infestation.

Why are my pine trees turning brown?

The needles on pine trees turn brown for a variety of reasons, most often including root death or damage, dehydration, fungal diseases and bark beetle infestation. Unfortunately there is little in the way of remedy where dead roots or bark beetles are concerned.

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