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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at Amiens Prison in WW2?

Amiens Prison. Amiens, France (FR) Operation Jericho was a low-level World War II bombing raid by Allied aircraft on Amiens Prison in German-occupied France on 18 February 1944.

Was the Amiens raid really necessary?

A French historian Jean-Pierre Ducellier spent years studying the Amiens Raid, claiming that it was an unnecessary effort and that the RAF’s official motives were not the real reason for the raid. His reasons to think so were based on three verified facts:

What was the purpose of the Battle of Amiens?

It has long been accepted that the purpose of the daring attack on the prison in Amiens on 18 February 1944, was to free members of the Resistance hours before a mass execution.

What happened to the Fw 190s at Amiens?

Around midday on 18 February 1944, a training flight of Fw 190s from 7/JG 26 was airborne to the north of Amiens when it was redirected to investigate a raid heading towards them. The presence of the Luftwaffe had been expected, but as already mentioned, only a handful of the fighter escort Typhoons had made it to the target area.

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