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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rover stand for?

ROVER stands for 8. similar. ROVER 4. ROVER. Remote Optical Video Enhanced Receiver 4. ROVER. Remote Operations Video Enhanced Receiver 3. ROVER. Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receivers 3. ROVER. Remote Operated Video Enhanced Receiver 1. ROVER. Remote Operations Video Enhanced Receiving 1. ROVER. Remote Operation Video Enhanced Receiver

How reliable is a Land Rover?

But Britain’s Land Rover is the least reliable car on the road, according to a study of used vehicles. Land Rover’s luxury-car stable-mate Jaguar also scores badly. By contrast, Honda has been named the most reliable make for the seventh year in a row.

Is Rover good?

If you like making your own schedule then Rover is a good place to work. Depending on where you live starting off can be a little slow but once you get a few clients the ball will start rolling. Rover does take 20% of what you make though...I wish it was a little less.

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