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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Salto systems?

About SALTO SALTO Systems is a leader in the unstoppable and massive process of replacing mechanical keys with smart and digital keys.

What is Salto proaccess space management software?

Get the flexibility and functionality you need with SALTO ProAccess Space management software. An intuitive user-centered, web-based interface enables systems operators to complete a myriad of tasks and manage access across multiple zones, areas or partitions 24/7, from a single interface.

How do I contact Salto USA?

Contact us. SALTO USA. Salto Systems Inc. 1780 Corporate Drive, Suite 400. Norcross GA 30093. Phone: 770-452-6091. Toll Free: 866.GO.SALTO. Fax: 770.452.6098.

What can Salto KS do for your business?

Integrate SALTO KS functionality into your existing app with Connect API or depending on your business needs build your own access control solution from scratch with Core API. No more managing mechanical keys. Simply grant access to individuals or groups for selected locks and timeframes. See who goes where and when, and block users on the go.

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