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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tourist attractions to visit in Chad?

Zakouma National Park, in the south-eastern area of Chad, spreads over a space of nearly 3,000 square kilometers. The park is filled with nearly extinct and various species of mammals and birds which made this park a wonderful tourist attractions in Chad.

What to do in douguia Chad?

Douguia is as close as you will get to a tourist hotspot in the country of Chad. The city owes much of its tourist popularity to the Chari River on which it is situated. A popular activity in the city is to take a tour with Boatman, a local who will take you on a river tour in a traditional canoe.

Is it safe to travel to Chad now?

Chad has always been some place where travellers wave goodbye to their comfort zone and say hello to adventure. Even when it is safe to visit, which sadly it is currently not, the art of travel here is demanding in every sense of the word.

Why visit the Tibesti Mountains in Chad?

The Tibesti Mountains are laborious to ascend and prospect but there are plenty of things that made this place a wonderful tourist attractions in Chad. The loftiest mountain in this range is the Emi Koussi which erects at 3,500m above sea level. The mountain is originally an enormous dead volcano and just the skilled should consider ascending it.

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