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Frequently Asked Questions

What do women seek in a man?

A woman seeks a man who is successful and rich (not only financially). Women want to be with a man who can control himself and the situation. A positive outlook of a man and certainty in the best course of events are important for a woman (since she herself may fall into depression from time to time).

Does a woman need a man?

A woman needs a man who will look into her eyes and, in love, tell her what he is really thinking. He will explain his plans and actions clearly and completely to her because he regards himself as responsible for her. He wants her to trust him and feel secure.

Is one woman enough for a man?

A lady is drawing the attention of fellow women to her truth that one woman is not enough for a man. In effect, men should be left free to practice polygamy. According to the lady who called herself Fulani-Igbo girl, a man is at liberty to have as many women as he so wishes so long as he performs his duty and takes care of the kids.

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