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Are female prisoners allowed to be strip searched?

There are strict rules surrounding strip searches of female prisoners. These rules regulate the circumstances under which female prisoners can be strip searched and how they may be searched. If officers do not follow standard procedure, the strip search will be considered unlawful.

How many women have been strip searched in Tasmanian prisons?

Women in Tasmanian jails were subjected to 841 strip searches over a seven-month period, according to figures obtained under Right to Information. The Human Rights Law Centre obtained the data from Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison and the Risdon Prison Complex for the period between October 2020 and April 2021.

Are strip searches routine in Los Angeles County jails?

Critics might complain that group strip searches are just a fact of life for inmates, and that women were treated no differently from men. But in most other jails around the nation, such searches were not routine. And in Los Angeles County, male inmates in fact were not subjected to the same level of search.

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