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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wordtips?

WordTips is designed to help you figure out how to do the things you need to do with Microsoft Word, right now! Here you can find answers to your Microsoft Word questions, and those answers are free!

How do I sign up for the wordtips newsletter?

In addition, we publish a free weekly newsletter called (appropriately enough) WordTips. You can sign up for the newsletter by using the simple sign-up form at the right side of this page or any page on the WordTips website. You can quickly access the answers you need on this site in two ways:

Where can I find cost-effective Microsoft Word training?

WordTips is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Word training. (Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world.) This tip (10761) applies to Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. You can find a version of this tip for the older menu interface of Word here: Generating a Count of Word Occurrences.

What is the tips NET network?

This website is part of the Tips.Net network, where you can find all sorts of ideas for making your life easier, more productive, and more thrifty.

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